Easy To Use

Cookies Game Burner is so simple to use your nan could do it, There's no need to enter any layer break settings or to change the book type settings all you need to do is click BURN

Xbox Live Safe

With the all new version 4 of our outstanding game burner we have integrated the auto stealth patch. This means no more getting banned from XBOX LIVE, Cookies Game Burner is the only software to offer this feature.

What Cookies Game Burner Does?

The software allows users to download Xbox or Wii ISO files from a source of their choice and then burn them to blank dvd to play in their console. There is no other software on the market that is 100% dedicated to just burn console games. You also get FREE Life Time Upgrades!

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  • Beautiful and unique GUI, offers an easy to use workflow and highly polished visual cues.
  • Multi speed burning for xbox games up-to 16X error free.
  • Auto layer break settings makes your life easier as there is no playing around with settings.
  • Back-up games you already own with our 5 star game burner software!
  • 24/7 Support to help you get the best from our software.
  • FREE life time upgrades with every purchase of cookies game burner


Curious about Cookies Game Burner? Check the interface screenshots below (opens in a new window) :