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How To Backup Wii Games Using LG Dvd Drives


If you enjoy your Wii console with your family or friends or just alone, then perhaps you might have also thought about the fact that how to backup wii games in order to have a contingency plan in case you lose or break your DVD or other media that is carrying your game. This is indeed common among people and they search the internet to find the solution to this problem and indeed, there is a solution to this. To backup wii games, first of all one needs the right combination of hardware and software to make the process effective and successful. You would need one of the following DVD drives to make the process successful and to copy the game into a portable media for future usage. The DVD drives are ranging from LG-8162b and LG-8161b to LG-8164b and LG-8163b. Make sure that while make the back up of your Wii game, you do not use any other DVD copy device as it will not be able to backup wii games as you would like and there have been many reports in the past when people have reported that issue regarding the difficulty in copying when they used any other device other than the DVD devices mentioned above.

Now in your quest of finding out how to backup wii games, you need to know how to copy wii games from your computer to now your DVD. As mentioned above, you need to have DVD drives that have been mentioned. Once the DVD drive is plugged in, now you need to install its drivers as well that comes along with it or alternatively can be downloaded from the internet. Once the driver issue has been resolved, now you need to install certain softwares as well that will help you to backup wii games. The most important software that you would need to copy wii games from your computer and create its backup on the DVD would be Raw dump 2.0. Raw dump 2.0 is the latest installment to this highly successful series that will help you to burn and indeed backup wii games from you computer. In addition, make sure that you also install or download .net Framework 2.0 as well that you would also be requiring. Once these two softwares are installed, off course you would need to unzip them as well. In that case, make sure that you do have the Winzip software installed as well.

After you made arrangements for both the software and the hardware, you are very close to answer the question how to how to backup wii games ?  Now coming back to the Raw Dump file that you installed or downloaded, make sure that as soon as you acquire that software, you should right click on it and then extract it to “rawdump2.0\" directory. This would extract the file in the perfect directory and you would be able to see the file on your desktop as well. Once that happens, now insert your wii or Gamecube into the LG drive to start the backup process. Once the game is inserted, now go to the raw dump folder that you have previously made on the desktop. Now make after accessing the raw dump folder, double click on the RAW DUMP. Exe file. This will introduce a bunch of different buttons and options and in short a whole new alien interface would be introduced to you. Just ignore it, and simply go to the START DUMP option to start the process to backup wii games that you like. This process mostly take more than 2 hours however on a high performance computer, it might take no more than 1.5 hours but that again in not a norm and time may vary according to the performance of the computer but on an average, it takes 2 hours for a mid performance machine.  

After you click the start dump button you would be prompted to click OK on the option that will follow just after you click the Start Dump button. Click Ok and wait as discussed earlier for 2 hours. Once the time of the dumping has been elapsed, you would be asked where do you want to keep the files that has just been dumped (dumped does not mean that your files are being destroyed but rather they are being saved). Once the files have been dumped completely, you choose a folder where they should be dumped or saved on your PC. Select a folder of your choice and a drive where you want to save it. Once that is done, now you have the backup of wii games that you wanted to save. In this way, you can make as much backups as you like but obviously make sure that you have a hard drive to save all those games that you are saving. Once you have made a backup of wii games you want, you can burn them to a portable media such as a DVD or a USB where you can save it for an indefinite period and can retrieve it in the future if the need arises. This can be done on a multiple bases and you can backup as much wii games as you like without any restriction. The only thing that you should keep in mind the correct software, hardware and the right procedure to keep enjoying this technique and can benefit from it time and time again.