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How to backup Xbox 360 games?


Microsoft has recently sold a record number of XBox 360s in the week containing Black Friday. Figure estimates reveal that around 960,000 gaming consoles were sold in United States within a week. To an onlooker, that may seem ridiculous but only an avid Xbox 360 gaming fan can understand the joy associated with emerging yourself in the world of video gaming. Such regular Xbox game players will also realize the absolute frustration of losing your precious game CDs to scratches and other possible damages. This is why, it is important to increase awareness regarding the method to backup xbox 360 games. The need to produce Xbox 360 backup games is quite obvious. The original CDs tend to get lost or damaged after a certain span of time and this means that you have to spend extra money on buying the same CD. On the other hand, if you backup Xbox 360 games, one thing is for sure that you'll save quite a few dollars by eliminating the need to replace your original Xbox 360 games.

The question arises, how to backup Xbox 360 games? The internet in this regard provides an overwhelming amount of information and it sometimes difficult to get a clear perspective on how to backup Xbox 360 games. This articles aims to provide detailed information on creating Xbox 360 backup games now that it is clear why you might want to do so. The most reliable method to backup Xbox 360 games is by using the game copying software. You might wonder why the software is necessary. The answer is that all videogames come with protection and therefore, you cannot backup Xbox 360 games by using the conventional method of copying songs and other content. In most cases, your PC will not even recognize the Xbox CD unless the software is installed. Once the software is installed on your PC, follow the below mentioned basic steps to creating your collection of Xbox 360 backup games!

- Insert the Xbox CD in disk drive. The software will create a copy image of the inserted game.
- Insert the blank CD in disk drive and copy the image.
These guidelines are quite general with regard to how to backup Xbox 360 games. However, most software utilizes the same approach and due to their user-friendly interface and comprehensive guidelines, you will have no trouble in creating backup Xbox 360 games. Most of these software not only backup Xbox 360 games but are also compatible with other gaming platforms such as PlayStation and Nintendo Wii.

The game copying software can be downloaded from the internet or even purchased. In my opinion, it is better to invest a few dollars in a good game copying software especially when you consider yourself an enthusiastic gamer who is frequently encountered with the scratched CD problem. A wide variety of customer reviews are available on the internet that rate various game copying software. Before making a purchase, read the features so that you can ensure that it over rides the maximum number of games protection. Also, it is a good to a buy general game copying software that works with all platforms and not only useful to backup Xbox 360 games.

You might have certain reservations on the legality of Xbox 360 backup games. The fact of the matter is that it is completely legal to maintain a backup of your videogames. Compare it with maintaining a backup for your important data on the PC and it becomes much clearer why you would do so. Despite being legal, it is a very common practice to exploit game copying software for illegal distribution of videogames. That should be avoided at all costs because doing so would make you a criminal and not a proud gamer. As long as you have purchased the original game CD and are making copies to simply protect the original CD from repeated use, Xbox 360 backup games are completely legal within the copyright protection guidelines.

It is also important to mention that the quality of Xbox 360 backup games is as good as the original one. So, you can enjoy the entire gaming experience with the same video and audio quality as your original CD. However, to ensure good quality, an efficient game copying software is quite necessary which is why I would once again recommend that you buy the software instead of opting for one of the free software available online. In fact, there have been numerous cases when these game copying software have failed to work.

Therefore, the evidence is conclusive to make all gamers realize the importance of creating backup copies of their videogames. It is a great idea particularly for those users who like collecting videogames. This way, you can ensure that no money is wasted on replacing a lost or damaged CD. Instead, you can spend that money on buying another videogame. Considering the ever rising prices, the need to backup Xbox 360 games becomes even more obvious. According to observation, most gamers fall in the younger generation and therefore do not have the financial means to support their gaming enthusiasm. It is hard enough to spend an exorbitant amount of cash on the console, then going out to spend extra money on redundant videogame CDs. Therefore, it is pretty logical that you burn the Xbox videogame immediately after purchasing it.