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How to burn Wii games: A few easy steps!


What is a gamers' biggest nightmare? - To put in a CD in his/her gaming console, only to find that the console is unable to read the disc. It is an inevitable situation, which strikes a gamer every now and then. No matter how much you care about the disc - by carefully stacking them in their respective cases or cleaning them timely, it is never enough. A CD can simply get scratches if you use it over and over again. Hence, it is important for all the Nintendo Wii user to plan beforehand and learn how to burn Wii games. By burning wii games, gamers can ensure that they will have a backup disc, even if something unfortunate is to happen to the original disc.

How to burn wii games:

I didn't realize the importance of burning wii games until i faced the wrath of not having a backup disc myself. It was only when I found out that my favourite game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's disc has been damaged, that it struck me that not only should I learn how to burn wii games, but i should also spread the word and technique among the Wii fanatics, so that they might benefit from it. Hence, if you want to burn wii games, then the procedure is fairly simple. Though, i had to go through with my share of bogus forums and blogs to extract useful information (which you will be getting in this article), which consumed a lot of time, but i learned a thing or two from every other article. I have compiled all the knowledge regarding burning Wii games in the following paragraphs.

There are basically two main ways to burn wii games. The former includes installing a modchip, while the latter includes creating a backup disc. I, for one, recommend the latter option, as installing modchip is not only a technically difficult process, but it voids the warranty of your Nintendo Wii as well. However, one way you can restore your games safely is by burning wii games on blank discs. This process involves a few simple steps which are as follows:

1. Firstly, you would need to get a hold of a Game copy software which has the feature of breaking the strict copy protection rights used in Nintendo Wii games. It is important that you thoroughly search over the internet, read reviews, ask friends, or download a trial version before actually deciding to buy one. I know a friend who invested his half his monthly allowance on buying a game copy software, only to find out that it was ineffective in breaking the strict protection rights on the wii games, hence he was unable to burn wii games for himself.
2. Once you have successfully install the game copy software on your PC, then the next step is to copy your desired Wii game on your hard drive. You need to insert the Wii game in your Pc's Cd-Rom and then allow the software to work its magic. The software will break the protection barrier on the CD and then copy the disc's data on your hard drive. This process is usually a lengthy process, which ranges from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the game.
3. Once is it successfully copied to your system, then you need to remove the game's disc from your Cd-Rom and replace it with a blank writable disc. Now, you can burn wii games onto the blank DVD using any DVD burner software, such as Nero, Roxio or many others. However, what is important to know, that in order to obtain the best results, it is imperative that the burn the disc at the lowest possible speed. This will allow you Nintendo Wii console to read the burned disc more effectively.
4. Once of all this is done, then you need to install a Wii unlock hack software. This will allow you to run copied and burned Wii game discs on your Nintendo Wii. This can be easily found over the internet; however, as mentioned earlier, it is imperative that you do a background check over the software before deciding to buy it.
5. If you have followed the aforementioned steps properly, then the next and the last step to take would be to run the burned disc on you Nintendo Wii console.

Isn't burning Wii games a piece of cake? Well, if it wasn't before, then it certainly is now. However, there are a few other requirements which you should take under consideration. The above mentioned requirements can only be used to copy games from an existing game disc. However, if you have downloaded a Wii game from the internet, then the process may differ. Wii producers and engineers make their games available over the internet, which you can easily download for free. However, such files are mostly in .wii format. Hence, in order to burn wii games on a blank disc, you will first need to convert them into .ISO files. Though, once you unzip the folder, you might as well get lucky and find out that the file are already in .ISO format. If it is, then you can follow the similar procedure of burning wii games on a blank DVD, using a renowned dvd burning software at the lowest burning speed. So sit back and enjoy playing wii games without worrying about your discs going out of order!