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Cookies Xbox 360 Game Burner


Do you want to burn Xbox game burner conveniently and safely? Cookies Xbox 360 game burner can offer you the best solution. It is extremely easy to use this software program. You can use it to burn your favorite Xbox 360 games to DVD effortlessly, even if you do not have any technical knowledge or expertise. Want to know how this software program works? Continue reading this.

How Cookies Xbox 360 game burner works?

This game burner software program requires four simple steps to work

* Download Cookies Xbox 360 game burner.
* Choose the Xbox360 game you want to burn
* Insert blank DVD
* Click on *burn game*.

Is it safe?

As an avid gamer, you are more concerned about the safety of using the game burner software. Most of the game burner software programs available in the market do not care for your safety. Burning Xbox 360 games using such software program will hack your console. Regular burning software does not help you create perfect copies. Cookies Xbox 360 game burner is a perfect program that comes with auto stealth patch feature, which allows you to burn Xbox games perfectly every time, without worrying about getting banned from box live. In fact, cookies game burner is the only software program offering this feature. It is designed specially to make burning console games a breeze.

What are the main features of this software program?

Apart from auto stealth patch feature, Cookies Xbox 360 game burner boasts of many other useful features.

* The attractive GUI and polished visual cues make this game burner software easy to use. It also lets you get your job done much smoother.
* The previous versions of Cookies game burner have manual layer break setting. The latest version comes with auto layer break setting, which relieves you from the problem of manually entering layer break setting.
* Its multi speed burning allows you to burn Xbox games of your choice up to 16X error free.
* You can create backup copies of the Xbox games you already own easily using this software
* It works great on Intel i3, i5 and i7 CPUs. It burns the games much faster than its previous versions.
* Its 60 day money back guarantee proves its authenticity. You can get back your money, if you are not satisfied with this program.

Cookies Xbox 360 game burner offers the best way to create backup copies of your expensive games without any trouble. You need not spend your hard earned money to buy the same games, in case the discs are scratched or lost. The game burner provides you with the quick and easy way of burning games to blank DVDs without requiring you to modify any hardware. It also helps you save hundreds of dollars on buying new console games. If you have any problem in burning the games, you can visit the Cookies game burner site and view their FAQ section. If you do not get the right solution in that section, you can contact the customer support representatives via email.