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Cookies Xbox360 Game Burner


Want to burn Xbox 360 games? Cookies Xbox360 game burner will offer you the best solution. A regular burning software program will not allow you to make copies of Xbox 360 games, as the game discs have copyright protection. Cookies game burner is specially developed to burn Xbox games to blank DVD and play them in your console. It has included the auto stealth patch, which prevents you from getting expelled from Xbox Live. Cookies game burner is an exclusive software program offering this feature. You can easily download this software and install it to your computer.

If you want to know whether Cookies Xbox360 game burner really works or is a scam, continue reading our review.

Cookies Xbox360 game burner review

We have reviewed numerous digital products. Recently, we have reviewed the software "Cookies Xbox360 game burner". What impressed us first in this software is its ease of use. It is so uncomplicated that even individuals who do not have computer knowledge can use it. You first need to select the game you want to burn, insert blank DVD and click on "burn game". The software burns games perfectly every time.

Salient features of cookies game burner software

Cookies Xbox 360 game burner comes with plenty of useful features. It offers the most convenient way to backup your Xbox 360 games. You need not be a computer geek to use this software. Cookies game burner was designed to be as simple to use as possible. Its unique Graphic User Interface layout and vivid colors that help you burn your favorite Xbox games effortlessly and quickly.

Cookies Xbox360 game burner had a layer break feature in the previous versions, which took little bit more time to burn. It was replaced with the new auto layer break feature in the latest version. This feature makes it more user friendly. Auto stealth patch feature allows you play on Xbox live safely.

Cookies Game burner has been designed to work with the new Intel i3, i5 and i7 CPU, so it is much faster than any other software programs. It also works well on other CPUs like AMD and Core 2 Duo. The previous version of this software program burnt Xbox games at 4X error free. The latest version allows you to burn up to 16x error free. You can install cookies game burner on up to 5 PCs in your home.

Cookies Xbox360 game burner has some more interesting features.

* Cookies game burner is the only software that is dedicated to burn Xbox 360 games.
* It is so simple to use that even a 10 year old kid can do it
* It works on all games without a single error.
* Downloading and installing this software is easy and fast. You can do it within minutes.
* It avoids the problem of getting banned from Xbox live. Cookies game burner is the only program offering this feature.
* It offers 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you can ask for refund.
* It offers free upgrades.