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How to copy Xbox 360 games – The Complete Guide


No matter how much you avoid facing the dreadful day, it comes sooner or later. Yes, I am talking about the day when we wake up, happily walk over to our console, put in our favorite game disc and find out that the console is not accepting it anymore. This is the case with most of the CDs, hence to safeguard yourself from facing such situations, it is better that you copy Xbox 360 games, so that you always have an extra copy just in case.

Why should you copy Xbox 360 games?

Having an extra copy of your favorite disc would always give you the peace of mind that in case something bad happens to your original disc, then you can always make use of the copied version. However, it is recommended that once you copy Xbox 360 games, then you can put aside the original copy of the CD and play on the copied version. This will keep the expensive original disc safe from any damages or scratches, so even if the copied version does gets scratched up, then you can always make more copies of it.

How to copy Xbox 360 games?

Now that you know why it is imperative to copy Xbox 360 games, the next step is to understand how the process works. Copying Xbox 360 games is different from burning normal music discs. It makes use of rather advanced software, mainly because of the Xbox 360 layer break. Since, all the Xbox 360 games are copied on dual layer DVD disc; hence it is imperative to know how to set the layer break settings. This can be a rather technical aspect which has bothered many gamers for a long time. However, all such worries can now be easily dealt with the Auto Layer Break software which doesn’t require any sort of information regarding the Xbox 360 layer break setting. The software itself detects the point where it has to perform the layer break, hence there is no need to input any sort of data.

One of the software which I have been using for copying Xbox 360 games is Cookies Game Burner. It is indeed the most comprehensive and easy to use Game Copy Software I have witnessed to date. You can easily download Cookies Game Burner off the internet, and within a few easy steps, you can start copying your own Xbox 360 games.

Firstly, you need to insert the game disc of which you want to make a copy of. Then, in order to copy Xbox 360 games, you need to copy the game disc data on your computer making use of the Cookies game burner. Though, Xbox 360 games make use of strict copy protection rights, but this software has been specifically designed in such a way that it combats any such barriers with ease. So, once you start to copy Xbox 360 games on your PC, the time span for which is dependent upon the size of the game but usually take around 20-40 minutes, you can sit back and relax while the Cookies Game Burner does all the work for you.

Once copied, you can take the game disc out and replace it with a dual layered writable DVD disc. Then, you would need to make use of any renowned DVD burner to assist you in burning the Xbox 360 game data which was copied on your PC to the DVD. Almost every other person who uses computer would be aware of how the CD burning process works, in case someone is not, and then you can make use of software’s such as Nero.

If you follow the above steps properly, then you shall not face much trouble in either understanding the Xbox 360 layer break or the process of copying the game data on your PC. As mentioned above, it is recommended that you make use of an authentic Game Copy Software, like Cookies Game Burner. This is because there are various Game Copy software’s in the market which claim to contain extraordinary features, but fail to deliver. Thus, apart from investing money on scam software, it is better to invest into software which will definitely deliver each and every word which it has promised.

Moreover, one of the major concerns with encircle all the gamers mind is ‘Would the copied version be as good as the original’. The answer to which is YES, but only if you make use of authentic game copy software. Otherwise, like mentioned before, there have been numerous cases where many cheap and scam software’s have failed to deliver. Such software’s don’t only end up wasting your time, but also increase the cost which is spent of buying the dual layered DVD discs, and hence wasted too.

Therefore, I believe that all the gamers are now aware of the importance of keeping a backup disc for themselves. It is perhaps the best solution which can save them from spending hundreds of dollars on buying Xbox 360 games over and over again. So, once they successfully copy Xbox 360 games, they can keep away the original disc and enjoy playing on the copied disc, which will give them the same gaming experience as the original might have given them. Also, you never know when a disc might get damaged, so get you Game copy software today and start burning your Xbox 360 games right away!