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It dont matter if you have windows xp or osx because Cookies Game Burner is multi platform ready right out of the box. So no need to panic thinking will it work on your OS because the answer is yes.


With all the new features that came with windows 10, 8 and 7 - Cookies Game Burner makes the most of them. Cookies Game Burner not only looks much better on windows10, 8 and 7 it performs alot better too with a 2x increase in performance.

Saves time

Cookies Game Burner buys you TIME, We are aware that there are other softwares on the market that allow you to burn console games, but none of them even come close to cookies game burner. Cookies Game Burner will never ask you for layerbreak settings like all other software's, + you will never worry about unreadable disc errors as cookies game burner has an error checking feature.

So it dont matter if your using WINDOWS 10, WINDOWS 8, WINDOWS 7, VISTA, XP & OSX, Cookies Game Burner will work for you. With over 2.6 million download world wide that makes us the biggest game burning software in the world.

Operating system