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Game Burner Software


Do you have Xbox 360? Then you must have thought about having game burner software to download your favorite Xbox files and burn them to a blank DVD to play them in your game console. Cookies game burner software is a new program that lets you make copies of your expensive game disks within a few minutes.

You can download this software by clicking on the download link or buy and install it over your PC. Installing the software is an extremely easy task. You just need to follow the instructions provided in the package. Once it is installed, you can start using it. Game burner software will offer you guidance on how to copy your favorite Xbox 360 games by specifying when to burn the games on blank disks and when to copy them over PC.

Features of game burner software

Ease of use and safety are the two main features to look for in a game burner software program. Cookies game burner software is packed with features that make your game burning process easy. You do not need to enter any layer break settings or alter the book type settings to burn the games. Simply clicking on "Burn" is enough to get the work done. It works well on almost all CPU, such as Core 2 Duo, AMD and CELERON. It is designed for average gamers, so you can use it easily, no matter whether you have any computer knowledge or not. The simple GUI (Graphic User Interface) layout and bright colors make it easy to use even by school kids. Auto stealth patch is another important feature in this software, which makes it safe to play on Xbox.

Cookies game burner offers multi speed burning feature that lets you burn Xbox games 16 X without any errors. You can install the game burner software on multiple computers, which help you save a lot of money. Some new burning technologies are released every month. Cookies game burner offers free lifetime upgrades, which help you make use of the latest technologies.


Any good game burner software program manufacturer offers 24/7 faultless customer support and Cookies game burner is no exception to this. You can get the best from this software by obtaining the live support of knowledgeable professionals.

Why cookies game burner is more effective than other software programs?

Cookies game burner software allows you to play safe in Xbox live. It gives you relief from other programs that do not work. It is dedicated fully to burn console games. It is so simple that even an average Joe can do it. This software program is an affordable solution, when compared to the features offered by it. It can also save you lots of money and so it is really a worthy investment. The manufacturers of this game burner software are so confident about its features that they offer 60days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any of its features, you can get back your money.