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Xbox 360 Game Burner


Many gamers are looking for a way to burn their Xbox 360 games to DVDs to play in their gaming console. Some of them try to burn the games using regular burners, but find that their copies do not work. If you want to burn Xbox 360 games perfectly, you need specialized Xbox 360 game burner software that can bypass the copyright protection. Special software programs like Cookies xbox360 game burner makes burning Xbox and Wii games extremely easy. In the past, copying and burning Xbox 360 games without modification was impossible. Fortunately, the special Xbox 360 game burner software program allows you to burn any of your favorite console games within a few minutes.

If you had lost any of your Xbox 360 game or scratched your discs, then you need to buy the game once again that may cost you around $50 to $60. Paying for the same game several times due to lost or scratched discs is really frustrating. Burning the games to blank DVDs using Xbox 360 game burner can help keep backup copies of your favorite games. This helps you save a lot of money. You need not have any technical knowledge or expertise to burn the games. You just need to install the software, insert a blank disc and click on burn games.

Benefits of using Xbox 360 game burner

* Xbox 360 game burner is so simple to use that a 10 year old school kid can do it. It comes with auto layer break feature that relieves you from the hassles of entering layer break setting manually. You also do not need to change the book type settings. You just need to click on *burn*.
* The game burner is designed with an integrated auto stealth patch feature that makes it safe to use. Using this software to burn the Xbox games will not make you get banned from Xbox live.
* It offers multi speed burning for Xbox games up to 16X without any read errors.
* The exclusive Graphic User Interface and polished visual cues make the workflow smoother.
* You can get 24/7 support from courteous, knowledgeable customer service personnel. You can therefore get your doubts cleared easily.
* Xbox 360 game burner is designed to work with the latest Intel CPU versions, so it works much faster.
* It offers a 60day money back guarantee. If you feel that this software program does not work for you, you can get back your money. Money back guarantee is a sheer proof of the genuineness of this software program.

There are few software programs that claim to get the job of burning Xbox games done easily and quickly, but the fact is that they do not create perfect copies. Cookies Xbox 360 game burner is the perfect software program that helps you burn any Xbox games with ease. It prevents you from wasting your hard earned money on buying new games. It is the only dedicated software to burn console games, so it helps you get the job done perfectly.